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Jenette Traverson

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Align your thoughts & energy~

Be gentle with yourself as your old stories come up to create room for the new that you're ready to bring in. These subtle nudges are the wise part of you reaching out to get your attention.

Are you ready to create more joy, abundance, and personal fulfillment in your life? 

I look forward to working with you to create the transformation you long for. I am passionate about helping You, let's talk 


Do you ever wonder, "I know there's got to be more to life than this?

What am I missing or doing wrong?"

Do you struggle to stay focused, grounded, feel stuck, overwhelmed

and not sure why?

Its hard to make sense and process what we are feeling these days. So much emotion, old wounds, old stories are coming to the surface and its challenging to process it all. The energies from our old stories that are stored within us is bubbling up to the surface for us to surrender and be at peace with our past. We are so ready to embrace and accept more love and success as we free the old judgements and triggers of the past. When we do this we create space within for the new lighter vibrations/frequencies to enter and be expressed. It's not easy because we've repeated them over and over throughout our lifetimes and the energy is strongly anchored in and often triggered before we catch it.

What can you do? 

First...Breathe slowly inhale and exhale, our breath connects us to our life force.

Second...Center into your heart.

Third...Ground with Mother Earth and then take your awareness back to your heart center again.

Starting with a daily practice like this to remind yourself of the sacred connection you have with Source/God/Creator.

End your day in gratitude for what was, surrender the struggles, and center into your heart. Focus on the good, what you accomplished, what made you smile.

You're not broken or damaged, just the opposite. You are awakening to the remembrance that you are more than the old hurts, challenges, and loss. You've come a long ways and are ready to free yourself and embrace more ease, more fun, more love, more success. It's all a vibrational shift taking place within us all, and our higher self is calling out to us to dream big, intend more, and align with the Universal Laws that govern all that is. Energy follows thought, are you're ready to shift your mindset allowing you to manifest more?  

Let's work together?

Ready to eliminate old patterns, blocks and limited thinking? Ready to create the life you've dreamed of? How? Release the old story you've been telling yourself for far too long and know it can affect what you manifest or don't.

Your thoughts, feelings, and words broadcast energetic vibrations to the cells of your body creating cellular memory, the good, the bad, etc. Do you imagine vibrant health, but silently tell yourself it's a waste of time and the struggle continues? Do you imagine a thriving business doing what you love, but afraid to leave you're current job because the nagging negative self talk stops you?


You attract what is a vibrational match based on your present state of being? But, you can 

re-write old, limiting beliefs and change your mindset to attract what you really want. This increases your vibrational frequency to align with the vibrational frequencies of abundance, love, and success. 


Many have a "Set Point" for happiness, money, relationships, health etc. and don't know it. The "Set Point" holds the belief "this is where I'm comfortable, all I'm going to receive, and probably as good as it gets"...for now.  A "Set Point" is a lot like your home thermostat, it only turns on at the specific temperature you set it at. You create your "Set Point" early on, maybe from your family experiences and/or beliefs.

You can raise your "Set Point". 

When you identify and acknowledge old traumas, feelings of shame, guilt, lack, loss, failed relationships, etc and understand the value of the Soul Lessons you've learned you can free yourself or not. With new awareness you can make peace with your past, learn from the perceived mistakes, align your energy, your thoughts, and co-create with the Universe. 


You're not broken, damaged, or beyond repair as many believe. You deserve to have a joyful, loving, and abundant life that brings you a sense of freedom. In fact you intended and planned this for yourself coming into this life. Now you're remembering and ready to call it all in. Yes!!!

Ready to connect with your highest vision? Drop into your heart, release the old fears and embrace the wisdom and knowing within you. Let's discover what awaits You. Contact me for your next session and reclaim all this and more.


Ready to receive?