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- Shamanic Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, & Reiki Master -

​Shamanic Healer, Intuitive Life Coach, & Reiki Master 

Jenette Traverson has been involved in the healing arts most of her life, working with clients for over 20 years assisting them on their personal journey of healing and transformation. She loves helping clients rediscover their spark after feeling they’ve lost their way from setbacks, challenges, or loss. Working together she guides them as they realign dropping into their hearts and tapping into the rich vibrant wisdom within.

She’s been a Reiki Master since 1999, an Intuitive Life Coach, Shamanic Healer, Medical Intuitive, and heart-centered teacher. She shares monthly New Moon Meditations, teaches and certify’s others in all three levels of Usui Reiki, and offers additional classes and workshops on expansion and transformation. 

As her Soul’s work and passion, she helps clients learn to navigate their journey as they remember their light, even when it’s felt blocked or dimmed. She guides and mentors them as they open to rich new possibilities, knowing this is an opportunity for personal self love and growth, and embrace the healing of some of their deepest layers.

When we learn to accept right where we are and be grateful no matter what…vs judge before we’ve forgiven ourselves and/or others, we are able to allow in the potential to “Live our dream” into Be-ing. As we navigate through challenges, setbacks, and upsets we sometimes lose sight that we are worthy of love, peace and abundance. We forgot that we came here in this lifetime to remember that our core truth is simply unconditional love, allowing us to honor our deepest wisdom and connection to Source/God within and around us. 

Over the years, Jenette has helped many clients heal core wounds, shift energetic patterns, transmute blocks, understand, heal, and move past the abuse and trauma from present and past life experiences. She’s helped them step out of dysfunctional patterns and old ways of being, and clear patterns in their Soul and Ancestral Lineages opening to connect with their intuition. 

Her personal experiences have been her greatest teachings. Her personal experiences from abuse, cancer, financial struggles and loss, destructive relationships, has been the foundation for her life’s journey to grow and heal deep core wounds. Going deep within she’s gathered knowledge and understanding tapping into ancient medicine and healing wisdom from many lifetimes, she’s worked together with indigenous medicine men participating in their ceremonies and learning their ways blending and sharing their medicine and knowledge together side by side.

Her sensitivity and empathic abilities since a young child connected her with the Angelic realm creating a strong Angelic Healing Team, which is of great assistance in her work with others today. She has studied herbal healing with Herbalist, Marti Galione, certified in Dr. Richard Schultz Herbal Cleanse and Detox Program, Certified Golden Energy Healer, Touch for Health, Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, EFT, studied with Apex homeopathy and nutritional supplements, and incorporates energetic frequencies and vibrational medicine learned from her mentor, all as part of the healing and wisdom she brings blended and divinely orchestrated in her work with others today .​

We are each born with our personal "Soul's Blueprint for this lifetime" and no two are alike. Our body's retain physical memory of all our experiences especially trauma or extreme stress. We carry these physical imprints, beliefs and patterns with us. This emotional, mental, and physical trauma and stress is stored as cellular memory. Everything we know or have ever experienced, good or bad, is stored as cellular memory. This cellular memory also carries an energetic signature or frequency. As a result our body's tell a story, your history and many don't know they carry this until it becomes too much. It can affect your confidence, job, relationships, finances, health, and may create overwhelming doubt and confusion. Sometimes this may occur as a type of wake-up call, to get your attention it's up to you to listen and take action.

Yes, you can release emotional, mental, and physical stress stored as cellular memory in your body with helpful tools, guided energy work and an experienced healing practitioner. Also by centering in you heart and remembering your "I am" presence, raises your vibration allowing old energies to transmute. When we are open to forgiveness and give ourselves permission to feel it...that's when we heal it. Everything is energy, even emotions and they register as various frequencies. The lower the vibration/frequency over time can disrupt the body's optimal state of health and wellness. After awhile this can lead and contribute to dis-ease in the physical body. It can also affect the quality of our daily life and interactions with others personally and professionally.

I can help you access and release the old trauma and stress. Are you ready to move forward? Clarity is gained through understanding your story and knowing you did your best. You are not broken or damaged and there is hope and light at the end of what seems a very long and dark tunnel.

It's important to know at the time when this happened, you did your best with what you knew then. You learned to soothe and comfort yourself maybe with food, sex, drugs, destructive habits or another means of comfort. You did the best you could on a physical, mental and emotional level. The need to comfort yourself doesn't make you bad it makes you human. With the right tools and assistance you can release the old traumas stored as cellular memory.

During a Session, we will explore the energetic imbalances, old patterns, and beliefs held as cellular memory. This helps one to understand the story held and currently being expressed in your life.  When we understand our story, forgive, and release it we accelerate healing and transformation on many levels. 

A Coaching Session is designed to empower you, offer tools to move forward when you feel stuck, help you learn to live your life free of limiting beliefs, and releasing the old repeating patterns. It's time for a fresh new perspective and align with the life you've always dreamed of.

I look forward to working with you to facilitate your personal and/or business growth, create shift, embrace transformation, achieve financial success, optimal health, wellness and more. 

All Sessions are personal and confidential.

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